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We are starting to make plans for our BIG annual SUMMER ART PARTY 



This year’s exhibition theme is titled



What and why Dirt Cheap?


Some of you are already familiar with the big salvage box stores, Dirt Cheap and Treasure Hunt, that wholesale close out items and all sorts of salvage materials. We are looking to add an element of unpredictability and chance, unique creativity to this annual sculpture group exhibition by asking the artist to use materials they find in these fringe chain stores. 


Dirt Cheap and Treasure Hunt are FULL of unpredictable objects,

multiples of random items and many useful (and useless) supplies that could be utilized in creating a fabulous sculpture. The stores are a mix of super organized to overwhelmingly disorganized…..which makes the hunting fun.



WHAT are we looking for?


Pretty much anything that you want to create with the rules of using at least 75% of the sculpture from materials you find at Dirt Cheap or Treasure Hunt, leaving 25% of the sculpture for your materials to make it all work…..example, hardware materials, paint, etc.

Think of this the sculpture the same way you would approach making a piece for a gallery show. The name Dirt Cheap certainly doesn’t mean you make it cheap. Your voice and identity are important, the scale, permanence and construction are your choice.


Think of going inside a box (full of random stuff) to think outside of the box?



If this sounds interesting to you,

please click the link below to let us know you are interested. 

The link will ask you to submit your name, an image of previous work, and a short bio.

We will compile the list of interested artists and send you further information with more details.



This exhibition is our annual summer event, gallery exhibition, outdoor block party with music & food trucks.

We are working out all of the special details but are considering creating different categories: Gallery sculptures, “BEST SELECTIONS” live auction pieces, outdoor scale works, collaborative toy-sculptures by parent & kid teams......and in the real DIRT CHEAP fashion…….the fresh “BARGAIN BIN" for small, wacky, up-cycled great deals sculptures.


FYI, just think about A LOT OF CREATIVITY!












What's In Store

Dirt Cheap is an extreme value retailer giving major brand customer returns and excess inventory a second chance.



“Dirt Cheap is an extreme value retailer giving major brand customer returns and excess inventory a second chance. This helps employ thousands of people, keeping millions of items out of the landfill, and allows us to offer great value to our customers. Our mission is to improve lives and communities in a sustainable way.


First opening its doors in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, Dirt Cheap has since grown into a local favorite throughout the southeast. Over the past 30 years, our business has expanded to over 100 stores, growing to be the largest buyer of insurance claims in the United States, while also adding manufacturer and retailer buybacks, closeouts, bankruptcies, overstocks, liquidations, customer returns, and out of season goods.

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