Triggering Fear 2016

86” X 20” X 16”

Wood dowels, alphabet blocks, Colt Police Positive Special gun, found end table, spray paint



It seems as though the fear instilled by racial tensions has become a dominant trait in a large percentage of Americans DNA. This unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain, or a threat, continues to govern our existence. When we allow speculation to jump the gun, it all too often results in deadly solutions. Which leads me to ask, how long will we continue living with this fear and dying as a result of it?



Rontherin Ratliff is a mixed media sculptor. His work focuses on ideas of balance and the human condition. He blends functionality, aesthetic, context, and associations to address subjects of loneliness, loss, homesickness, memory, and the burdens we carry. For Ratliff, it’s steps of a journey in search of the equilibrium existing or nonexistent amidst life and art. Ratliff examines the metaphor of the body as a house where the mind dwells. Feeling at home or in harmony within including home as one's origin or domestic place. The work questions the sociocultural constructed concepts of self. With it, he contemplates reservations regarding home as a safe-haven where one experiences positive qualities such as security and comfort. Using architectural materials and domestic objects, his work explores the notion of internal versus external balance.


Rontherin Ratliff- "Triggering Fear"


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