Jan Auleta- "Woman Two"
  • Jan Auleta- "Woman Two"

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    Title: " Woman Two"

    14" w x 20" L

    Collage mixed media



    Jan Auleta: "I see collage as a journey for the eyes, pictures of segmented cultures from todays fragmented societies.  My collages illustrate a longing for escape from the current political and world climate. I create my art to take me there.

    All of my work is handmade, hand cut, one of a kind, never a duplication.  After finishing each piece I move on to another episode in the life of my art.  By layering images over each other, sometimes taking away and then layering again over each other, I can create something beautiful and mysterious that may have started off mundane.

    I love New Orleans people, neighborhoods, culture and passion for the arts.  I am also inspired by Mexican and Pre-Columbian art and sculpture.  I am currently working on collage paintings, mixed media collage wooden box sculptures and corrugated cardboard paper wall sculptures.

    I was very fortunate to have been raised in an artistic family, and have always been inspired by the BRUT ART movement and self taught artists.  This has taught me to see human and animal figures differently. 

    Living in New Orleans has been a constant inspiration as I walk through the neighborhoods, talk to the people while taking in all of the flavors of this vibrant city.

    My work has been exhibited at Studio Waveland and Smith & Lens Gallery in Mississippi.  I have also shown in the Firehouse Gallery in Baton Rouge and the Jazz & Heritage Foundation Gallery in New Orleans.  

    Commissions are always welcome.

    I am a New Orleans artist living and working in New Orleans."