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Elizabeth Veglia -Joyeux Noel en Juillet Christmas in July

Elizabeth Veglia -Joyeux Noel en Juillet Christmas in July

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Elizabeth Veglia

Joyeux Noel en Juillet

Christmas in July, hinged base for tree sales, 4 round and 4 tree candle holders, roll of packing material, 

38”x 80”      



I have created all of the large mosaics on the Gulf Coast in Mississippi from Stennis Soace Center to Pascagoula. As a roster artist for Mississippi Arts Commission, I travelled the state creating mosaic installations in schools,churches and public facilities. I also work in paint and create jewelry.



The top consists of an assortment of Dirt Cheep accoutrement, including a roll of paper packing, which I rendered permanent with binding agents for acrylic paint and stretched out to reveal its lace-like quality.  Inside a superstructure of wood is a network of metal wire, on which decorative lights are mounted.  Screen wire surrounds the wood to provide stability for the lacy outside.  From the top of the structure a fixture of silver emerges in which a single light shines brilliantly.  The feet are wooden Christmas trees mounted upside-down with dowels.  

The bottom is apparently a display stand for the sale of Christmas trees.  It came in a box with two of the panels hinged and a hook and eye apparatus (which I left in place to stay true to its origins) for assembling it.  I mounted a panel of plywood on top to stabilize the structure and to provide a platform for the sculpture.  The feet consist of wood candle holders, which are doweled to the bottom of the base.


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