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Kathy Hughes - Wallflowers

Kathy Hughes - Wallflowers

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Kathy Hughes


woven baskets, paper, cloth and encaustic paint beeswax, 12”x18”x4”,

$150 + Shipping


Kathy Hughes is a New Orleans artist who has been working exclusively in Encaustic for the last 20 years. She holds a B.A. in Ceramics from Tulane University and an M.Ed in Art Education from William Carey University. She has been represented by Cole Pratt Gallery since 2010.


I have a thing for grids so these baskets just seemed to make sense for me. At first I was going to have the piece be free standing on a block of wood but it seemed to work better as a wall piece. The cheese cloth that I bought and some fabric that I already had worked great for creating “flowers” that I dipped in Encaustic wax. The wax not only provided color but helped them keep their form. 

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