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Liz Schafer-  Trans-formation-ALL

Liz Schafer- Trans-formation-ALL

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Liz Schafer


Wood and rubber, Acrylic paint

26" x 7" x 3”



Repurposed craft objects, that were found in the store orphaned from their original craft kit.

ALL has a uniqueness along with masculine and feminine side, as do all of us.


“Rhythms reveal a path thru life.”

I create rhythmic paintings connecting art, music, and life. Life is a series of rhythms, sometimes harmonious, sometimes discordant, as it is with life.  For nearly 3 decades I have been inspired by and exploring music. Initially I focused on instruments, then moved to sound, and more recently the rhythms of life.


As an expressionist in art and life, my paintings are what I hear, what I feel and what I experience; they are abstract artworks and appear lyrically composed with a gently play between lines, negative space, and swirling movements of color and form.  My bold and dynamic works focus on mark making and rhythmic shapes and lines.

She lives and plays in her studio in Bay St. Louis, Mississippi

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