Luba Zygarewicz - "What Lies Within, Ovoid I"
  • Luba Zygarewicz - "What Lies Within, Ovoid I"

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    Title: "What Lies Within, Ovoid I


    cast aluminum, wood



    "I am deeply fascinated by creating a positive form that is lost in the casting process yet it reflects the care and precision of the making of the one that no longer exists.  This process of losing something to get something new symbolizes a sense of renewal and new life which is at the root of much of my work."

    Zygarewicz was born in Chile in 1965, grew up in Bolivia, and moved to San Francisco at the age of 15.  She received her BA in Visual Arts from Loyola University, New Orleans and her MFA from the San Francisco Art Institute.

    Zygarewicz married in 1990, and had two girls a year apart.  Upon earning her MFA, the family moved back to Louisiana, and has resided in Mandeville since 1998. Soon after, she had two more children adding to her sense of responsibility.  She has home-schooled her children since 1996.  Zygarewicz says:

     “ My work is informed by life situations and my daily struggle as a woman to be a wife, a mom, a teacher, and an artist.”

    Thus, she gravitates to creating pieces that in time accumulate to a large whole, while daily working a bit a time with mundane materials such as her hair, lint, twigs, cotton, and paper. Drawing from a long family tradition, Zygarewicz has been experimenting with tea bags and the stain they leave behind as a sense of presence  they represent while drinking endless cups of tea in the process. Text and words have become an integral part of her work.

    Zygarewicz has exhibited across the US and has received numerous awards and critical recognition for both her sculptures and installations.  She recently participated in “Southern Open 2011”, at AcA, “NOLA NOW Part I:  Swagger for a Lost Magnificence”, at the CAC; “Women Work Wonders”, and “Brother, Can you Spare a Day “ at Staple Goods, “thread ~ el hilo de mis dias” AcA, Lafayette, LA.