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Marlene Alvarez

Marlene Alvarez

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Marlene Alvarez- My Mind Working on Everything I Need To Do,  

22" wide X 15" deep X  34" tall

Monthly Scheduling Calendar; Weekly Scheduling Pad; Memo Pad; Notepad;  To Do Pad;

16" Natural Bamboo Stakes; Corrugated  Cardboard; Dog Toy (for dog to get treat from); Kleenex Covers; Label Tags; Flat Black Paint.


Price: $275 + shipping


Marlene Alvarez

I have created art my whole life, worked as an Interior Design Consultant for more than

forty years; created award winning floral designs in Flower Shows for five decades plus. I also

love art, hand sculpting pottery, designing and making jewelry. My true tranquil happiness is

when I am creating something. I see art in everything!

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