"Robert Johnson And The Devil", Acrylic


 Micheal Mabry is a Clarksdale, MS native. He is a self-taught artist and a Gulf War Veteran. 

Mabry started painting as young as eight-years-old. He has a wife by the name of Lula and two children, Micheal Jr and Labrisha. 

As an artist, he puts all of the love and color in his paintings and creations. He is also not afraid to use bright and bold colors when it comes to his work. Micheal creates art for the love of all people from different backgrounds. I am basically a self-taught artist. But I always knew what colors to use. I guess it just came to me naturally. I never attended an art institution, but took a few art classes in high school and college. The northern Delta of Mississippi has always been my inspiration because of its beauty – the lakes, flowers, landscapes and wildlife. Sometimes I just sit in my car to view the wonderful things to capture on canvas or paper for the world to see and enjoy. I capture as much as possible in my memory and can’t wait to transfer those images to canvas.
I am also inspired by seeing the eyes of people light up when they see my work. I’m not afraid to use bold colors because I feel bold colors bring out the happiness in the hearts of people and brighten their day.
Throughout all the phases of my life I have continued to pursue my art. As an artist, I put all the love and color in my paintings and creations. I love working with acrylic because it dries fast allowing me to make my colors are bolder and brighter. Lots of people say I am a romantic painter. But I consider myself just a painter. I create my work for the love of all people through my eyes as a black child who is now a black man.


Michael Mabry- "Robert Johnson And The Devil"


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