11' x 4'

mixed media collage -fiber/textile art


My childhood was greatly colored and created by my agoraphobic godmother that co-raised me with my working mother. Unlike my mother, who worked as a waitress at K&B, my aunt was unable to leave the house due to her mental illness. What could have been a catastrophic environment, instead, was turned into a world of magical realism. My entire childhood was filled with her daily magical creations such as baby birds leaving Juicy Fruit gum at the windowsill and a child named Toots that lived in the huge pear tree outside our side door. Life was filled with magic and wonder. It’s with these memories, Catholic references, Cajun folklore and Voodoo, I’ve created my series Tiny, Little Fables.

The technique I think best translates these stories are made with stitched handmade paper overlay, stitched found imagery and collaged elements, and lastly, hand embroidered, gold metallic thread embellishments- often a hundred of yards or more per large piece. The encircled eye in my art, always symbolizes the enchanted people and creatures that live among us.

Nonney Oddlokken - "In The Hours of the of Moonflower"

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