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Peyton Pickenpaugh-  Morris Flower

Peyton Pickenpaugh- Morris Flower

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Peyton Pickenpaugh

Morris Flower

Plastic Toys, Fabric, Glue

20x10x6 inches



Peyton Pickenpaugh is a sculptor who combines and reimagines natural objects, such as driftwood and insects, with original ceramic sculptures, traditional textiles and found heirlooms. She grew up in a potter’s studio, taught and studied in Japan, completed a B.A. and M.A. in History from the University of Mississippi,  and taught Art for over 15 years, before becoming a full-time artist. Peyton has  exhibited  her work in galleries in San Francisco and New Orleans, and is now exploring how experiential information of  both the living and the inert move through time and retain memory.

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