Sally Richards- "Peacock Fish"
  • Sally Richards- "Peacock Fish"

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    Sally Richards- "Peacock Fish"

    23”h x 18”l x 8”w

    Driftwood, mixed media

    Completed 5/19



    Sally Richards-

    I grew up in the country in upstate New York and received a BFA in sculpture and ceramics from Syracuse University. After moving to New Orleans I continued taking sculpture and ceramics classes at Tulane’s University College at night. In addition I worked in graphic arts, designing t-shirts and posters. I developed an interest in stained glass and, after working out of a tiny room in my house, opened a commercial studio/gallery in Uptown New Orleans. Stained glass was an appealing combination of my graphic design and sculpture skills and it is still a thrill for me to drive around town and see my pieces in residences. Katrina destroyed my studio and I moved from New Orleans to five wooded acres in rural Covington. No doubt this natural environment influenced my shift from glass to wood. My early pieces were pine branch totems, carved and adorned with a variety of materials; beads, paint, feathers...all sorts of interesting things. I moved on from totems to creating driftwood creatures and that is what you see here.