LOOKING OUT, LOOKING IN,  three-person exhibition with artists

Rebecca Alston, Mac Ball Marjorie Brown Pierson

explores the sublime beauty of coastal landscapes as they evolve with climate change.

Opening Reception May 13th 5-9pm


Rebecca B. Alston

Interdisciplinary Artist, Rebecca B. Alston, is known for her responses to social & political issues through  the “Invention and Investigation of Form”.


"Throughout my many years as an artist, my work has incorporated interdisciplinary approaches to creation and problem solving. However my search has always been based on a “quest for truth.” The basis is understanding and responding to social, political, and technological developments through exploration, decision making, and expression. I use my inventive and experimental techniques through interdisciplinary approaches to develop the foundation."

Mac Ball

Artist and architect, Mac Ball finds inspiration in riverine environments and coastal southern landscapes.


“Climate change will continue to erode and transform landscapes and waterways, yet Earth will continue to yield magic and beauty throughout this ongoing and inevitable process. My hope is that my paintings will capture the materiality and light, the feel, of this ephemeral threshold in time.” 

Tide Pool.jpg
While It Lasts, 32x48.jpeg

Marjorie Brown Pierson

Marjorie Brown Pierson is a visual artist whose work explores evolving coastal landscapes and our complex relationships with them. 

Her painterly fine art photographs and mixed media pieces create dream-like visions of the lush wetlands and rolling oceans in her native south Louisiana, adopted home of North Carolina and around the world. She is driven to create in response to solastalgia, the experience of longing for homeland environments endangered by climate change, amplified by our powerlessness to save them.