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Escapism as a Mirror to the soul:

Unearthing the collective unconscious 

The exhibition will explore the works of 12 artists of various mediums, engage in a deliberate act of escapism through world building.   The alternative worlds create mirrors of the world which we live in acting as an expression to how we process our inner feeling about a moment, place and time. There is a parallel between the way a dream and art can explore aspects of the unconscious mind.


Participating Artists:


Lily Brooks, Jessica Lynne Brown, Amanda Bush

Vanessa Centeno, James Flynn, Peter Hoffman

Eric Huckabee, Joshua Mintz, Cristina Molina 

Carlie Trosclair, Tom Walton, Ryn Wilson

Opening Reception



Mac Ball

Artist and architect, Mac Ball finds inspiration in riverine environments and coastal southern landscapes.


“Climate change will continue to erode and transform landscapes and waterways, yet Earth will continue to yield magic and beauty throughout this ongoing and inevitable process. My hope is that my paintings will capture the materiality and light, the feel, of this ephemeral threshold in time.” 

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