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Mitchell Gaudet

Then and Now

March 6th- April 24th

Then and Now is an exhibition of artwork by Mitchell Gaudet from 2008 to 2020. Less of a retrospect and more of a sampling of work spanning the last fifteen years, most pieces have only been shown in his studio or recently completed. 

Work exhibited include all of the New Orleans murder tracking pieces, Morta Mantle built from 13000 AR-15 casings, repurposed religious statues from hurricane Katrina and work from his Glass House series.

“I have has sculpted glass and metal for over thirty years. Welded steel and cast glass are my primary methods of working. I enjoy the construction of both decorative as well as socially commentating work and am realizing that the difference is often a fine line. The use of glass allows me the opportunity to introduce an element of beauty to a work that is sometimes awful in its message. I incorporate similarly themed pieces into exhibitions that often thread the line between an art event, archeological museum and carnival sideshow. “

- Mitchell Gaudet


March  6th - OPEN Saturday 12- 4 

March 12th- Late night OPEN Gallery with Waveland Food Truck Friday

March 13th- Artist Mitchell Gaudet @ Studio Waveland 12- 4

March  20th - OPEN Saturday 12- 4 

March  27th - OPEN Saturday 12- 4 

April  3th - OPEN Saturday 12- 4 

April 9th- Late night OPEN Gallery with Waveland Food Truck Friday

April 10th- Artist Mitchell Gaudet @ Studio Waveland 12- 4

April  17th - OPEN Saturday 12- 4 

April 24th- Last Day of Exhibition


Covid-friendly to maintain safe social-distancing. 

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