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Extended until May 23rd

A sculpture exhibition of diverse works by six sculptors navigating life through their art, with inspirations of poetry and the natural world, color and shape, geographic surroundings, the parallels between the body and architecture and ideas of balance and the human condition. Curated by Wayne Amedee.


Wayne Amedee

Abbey Caruso

Mark Grote

Kyra Hodes

Rontherin Ratliff 

Carlie Trosclair


Opening reception- Friday, March 13

ART + Coffee talks with Artists -Saturday, April 4

Late night at the gallery- Friday, April 10

Exhibition closes- Saturday, April 25

#ISDAY, International Sculpture Day- Saturday, April 25


Amedee, a graduate from University of Southwestern Louisiana (today University of Louisiana Lafayette), has made art in New Orleans for more than forty years, finding inspiration in poetry and the natural world. His work includes collage, painting, and drawing in addition to sculpture. “I reflect my experiences through the lenses of emotion and abstraction, punctuating this abstraction with more direct anchors to the real world,” says Amedee.


Caruso focuses on color and shape in her sculpture, drawing inspiration from Ellsworth Kelly. She has also worked on a large scale, creating a mural for NOLA Mural Project. “My sculptures focus on transforming two dimensional paintings into three dimensional objects that take on their own characteristics. The contrasting edge draws the viewer in, giving a clearer understanding of the shape,” says Caruso.


Grote finds inspiration in his geographic surroundings, bringing him around the world to be in new environments, using found objects from the space he occupies. “What I have found most stimulating is to place myself in another location and allow that environment to influence me,” says Grote, “I attempt to express this freshness and excitement in the art that is produced at that location.” 


The sculptural work of Hodes emulates nature, with her interest in microorganisms and subtleties of nature to create intricate metal work. Hodes says about her work, “with an interest in scientific displays, the use of a grid or a separation of ‘specimens’ encourages the viewer to get up close and view each section of the piece as its own, before stepping back and taking it in as a whole.”

Rontherin Ratliff is a mixed media sculptor. His work focuses on ideas of balance and the human condition. He blends functionality, aesthetic, context, and associations to address subjects of loneliness, loss, homesickness, memory, and the burdens we carry. For Ratliff, it’s steps of a journey in search of the equilibrium existing or nonexistent amidst life and art. Ratliff examines the metaphor of the body as a house where the mind dwells. Feeling at home or in harmony within including home as one's origin or domestic place. The work questions the sociocultural constructed concepts of self. With it, he contemplates reservations regarding home as a safe-haven where one experiences positive qualities such as security and comfort. Using architectural materials and domestic objects, his work explores the notion of internal versus external balance.


Trosclair’s sculpture can take the form of architectural elements put in a new context and distorted, modified in form to respond to the site of installation. She says, “Using latex as an architectural skin, I am interested in the living and transitional components of home. My work combines structure and fluidity to create parallels between the body and architecture.”



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