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Studio Waveland + Gallery:

Since 2018, we have provided a space for artists to explore their creativity and challenge boundaries, while also fostering meaningful connections within our community. Our goal is to create an atmosphere of inclusivity and appreciation for all kinds of art.

We invite you to join us in exploring what art can do for our minds, hearts, and communities.

Owners & Artists:


Erica Larkin Gaudet, sculptor who works primarily with metal.


Mitchell Gaudet, glass artist who works using the hot cast process, has recently just set up his glass studio, Studio Inferno.

Please feel free to stop in to say hello if the doors are open and you see us working in our studios.

Also, please sign up to be on our mailing list at STUDIOWAVELAND.COM


We are looking forward to seeing you soon. -Erica Larkin Gaudet & Mitchell Gaudet

MItchell & erica scout guide copy.jpg

“The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.”

-Pablo Picasso

Gallery open on Saturdays 12-4 and by appointment

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